Day one of murder trial ties this murder to earlier one

COLUMBIA, Mo. - "He folded up like a chair."

Those were the very first words in the opening statement made by the state. Those words were allegedly what Nick Thomas told a friend after he shot Tre'Veon Marshall in the back, describing Marshall being hit by a bullet like a folding chair breaking.

The state and defense didn't agree on much during the first day of the trial for Nick Thomas, who's accused of shooting and killing Tre'Veon Marshall in McKee park on July 14, 2013.

But they did agree this murder stemmed from an earlier dispute between two groups of people -- after the 2012 murder of Brian Rankin.

The state alleges it started the night Rankin was shot.

Nick Thomas was sitting in the car next to Rankin when it happened, and took Rankin to the hospital where he died.

He and Joshua Murray, who's also charged in the murder of Marshall, were friends with Rankin.

The state alleges ever since that murder, Thomas has carried a gun on him, possibly looking to get even.

Court document say Thomas and Murray had it out for Marshall because he was friends with Rankin's killer, Lamarr Mayfield.

When the two saw Marshall in McKee Park on July 14, they allegedly seized their opportunity. Court documents quote Murray as saying that Thomas then shot Marshall 5 times.

But the defense said there are so many different stories from all the different people involved, there is no way to get one consensus on who did what that night.

Kimberly Huett-Linzie was one of those people involved.  She allegedly drove Thomas and Murray to the area near McKee Park that night.

Throughout her time being questioned Wednesday night, several different versions of the night came out from things she had told detectives.  But during questioning, one thing remained constant: she pointed the blame at Thomas and Murray.

She also told prosecuting attorney Tracy Gonzalez she told police several different stories because she was scared of what Thomas and Murray would do if they found out she was talking to police.

Murray is set to testify in the trial. 

The trial is expected to last until Saturday.

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