Father of murdered teen begs for shootings to stop

COLUMBIA, Mo. - A Columbia father says the violence needs to stop, before another family loses a child.

Bryan Rankin Sr. lost his son Bryan Rankin Jr. in April of 2012. Rankin was shot and killed by Lamarr Mayfield.

That murder is said to have sparked the retaliation killing of Treveon Marshall last July.

And now, this summer, 11 shootings happened in just the last 15 days.

And Rankin Sr. is worried someone else will die before they stop.

"If they know what I feel, the pain my wife feels, and what my family feels, then maybe they might stop," Rankin said. "I don't want nobody else to die but that's what's gonna happen."

Now, Rankin's younger son Brandon is being targeted as well.

"My son can't even go to work, he called me and said they following me. So I had to make him quit his job for his safety," Rankin said.

Meanwhile only one suspect from the 11 shootings this summer has been arrested.

So ABC 17 News talked to city leaders about the violence and what needs to be done.

Councilwoman Laura Nauser said it's a gang issue police are trying to control.

"When they're out there shooting at each other - it doesn't matter if they're a Blood or a Crypt or Squad Up from our area, the outcome is still the same," Nauser said. "They're a danger and menace to our community and children."

But Nauser said police haven't made more arrests because they're not getting the cooperation they need.

"Part of the reason we can't solve these is because of a lack of people who tell the police who perpetrated this violence and these shootings," Nauser said.

But Rankin said he's tried asking police for help and hasn't gotten it.

"He's [the detective] trying to help me but he said there's nothing they can do until someone gets killed," Rankin said.

Police are asking anyone with information on any of the shootings to call Crime Stoppers at 875-TIPS.

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