Grand jury meets in Mike Brown case, decision may take time

Prosecutor says evidence gathering may take until October

CLAYTON, Mo. - A St. Louis grand jury met Wednesday afternoon, but a decision may not come soon. 

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch put together the group to hear evidence in the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The grand jury will decide if McCulloch will charge Wilson with a crime. 

McCulloch said his office is still getting evidence for the case, and he expects the grand jury to have all the information sometime in mid-October.

The results of a toxicology report on Michael Brown still has not been released, or ballistics information from the shooting scene in Ferguson. 

People chanted Wednesday, as they have from the start, "No justice, no peace."

Dozens of protesters said they want to see officer Darren Wilson indicted for shooting Michael Brown, and want the process of putting him on trial to begin.

Two protesters ABC 17 talked to Wednesday said it's also a chance for Officer Wilson to tell his side of the story. 

"I believe some are just opportunists, but I believe that some feel this is just a chance to get even. Throwing bottles or cocktails, they feel like 'This is my chance to really get even with you know,'" said Rick Canamor.

Debra Penson, a fellow protester, said, "People have had all this anger and hatred in for a long time for the police department. And now, it appears it's about to erupt. If nothing's done soon, it's going to be an eruption of violence and things that could've been avoided."

Many of the eyewitness accounts we've heard have also been different, such as whether Michael Brown was charging at Officer Wilson or if he dropped to his knees before the fatal shot. Many protesters agree, though, the longer potential of rioting continues.

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