Police: 13 pounds of marijuana found in Columbia apartment

Police: 13 pounds of marijuana found in

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Columbia police found 13 pounds of marijuana in an apartment after serving a search warrant on Monday, authorities said. 

Officers were initially called to a home invasion in the 3100 block of Rock Quarry Road, the Arch Apartment Complex.. A male victim told police he answered the door to a man who asked for his roommate by name.

"One of the roommates heard a knock at the door," Officer Latisha Stroer said. "He went to the door, the person on the other said asked for the other roommate."

As the person who answered the door was leading the guest his roommate's room, police said two other people came into the apartment with a gun. 

"They told the person to move out of the way," Stroer said. "They said they were going to contact the other roommate."

Police said the three forced their way into the roommate's room and stole marijuana and money. 

Officers obtained a search warrant for the residence. Stroer said they found 13 pounds of marijuana and more than $30,000 in cash in "the locked bedroom. It was in that bedroom the suspects busted the door to get in."

"Because of the marijuana that was stolen," Stroer said. "Officer were looking for other drug activity in the bedroom."

The only description of the accused intruders is that they were three males. The investigation is continuing.

At last check, the person who lives in the room where police said they found the drugs had not been arrested and the three original accused robbers have not been arrested. 

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