Investigators trying to close in on suspects in Jefferson City weekend shooting

Investigators say they have names of possible suspects in weekend shooting

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Jefferson City police believe they have a breakthrough in one weekend crime, but are stumped in another one.

There were three crimes in three days in the capital city since Friday. The first was a double shooting on Ohio Street early Friday. Police said they have arrested three people responsible for it.

Two separate incidents happened early Sunday morning. Police responded to a shooting on Edmonds Street on the west side of the city as well as a stabbing at Chestnut and McCarty streets on the east side.

Investigators said nothings stands out as to why the crimes happened other than just being a coincidence.

Residents in neighborhoods where these crimes happened have told ABC 17 News they expect this anytime Lincoln University has its homecoming. Police adamantly denied the two have any connection.

Investigators said the shooting Sunday morning happened near Friday's shooting. They said the 19-year-old victim from Columbia was able to provide them with several leads and even possible names of the suspects.

"Who some possible persons of interest might be, at this point we hope to clear that up with in the next few days and bring those persons in to determine what or any involvement they might have had," Jefferson City police Capt. Doug Shoemaker said.

Police say they are getting no cooperation with the stabbing case, but do not believe the two are connected. They say the investigation is still ongoing and hopefully someone will say something that will guide them in the right direction and lead to an arrest.

A search through ABC 17 News reports shows there hasn't been a shooting in several months in Jefferson City.

Police were questioned about the possibilities that the suspects were in town for Lincoln University's homecoming. They say none of the people involved with the crimes had anything to do with homecoming, none were ever students or alumni, and none attended any events for homecoming.

"When we have a group of people who are here basically here to try and get away with certain things, these type of things occur. It is coincidental that it happened during Lincoln's homecoming weekend," Shoemaker said.

Nobody from Lincoln University was able to comment Monday about its homecoming.

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