Jury finds man guilty of Jefferson City murder

Khiry Summers convicted of killing Keith Mosley last April in Jefferson City

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A jury found the third and final suspect in a Jefferson City murder guilty Tuesday afternoon.

The jury found Khiry Summers guilty of murder, robbery and armed criminal action after less than 90 minutes of deliberation. He is accused of killing Keith Mosley last April during a drug deal.

The jury had the task of determining which story was true. Khiry Summers took the stand Tuesday saying the statements he made to police when he turned himself in were not true. He claims his lawyer at the time told him to make up a statement to cops. Summers says he made up a story from what he heard on the streets.

The prosecutor brought the lawyer up on the stand and asked her about the allegations made by Summers. She seemed completely surprised to hear it and denied it. She said it was in his best interest to clear his name and tell cops the truth. The lawyer said during the interview with police summers changed his story from what he told her hours earlier.

The judge did not schedule a sentencing date.

Two other suspects in this case have already been convicted. Tracy Sessions pleaded guilty nine months ago to firing the gun that killed Mosley.

A jury found Brandon Chase guilty three weeks ago of being the brains behind the robbery and the ringleader of the group. Summers is accused of also being a shooter.

Tuesday morning, the prosecution called four witnesses to the stand and played the 90-minute police interview with Summers.

Cole County prosecutor Mark Richardson was able to call several witnesses to the stand Monday, mainly investigators. He had them set the scene of what happened the night of the murder.

The prosecutor says Sessions, Chase and Summers set up a deal to buy marijuana from Mosley. Richardson says the three never intended to pay Mosley, just rob him. Richardson says Summers even told people throughout the day it would be an easy robbery.

He claims when the group got to the apartment, Summers put on a mask, got a gun, walked into the apartment and fired three shots into the floor. The prosecutor says Summers even made statements to the police admitting he did not want anybody to see his face, and he knew Mosley had drugs on him.

Summers' lawyer claimed his client is not guilty of the crimes. He said key witnesses used to convict Chase and testify against Summers are not credible and that there are major holes in their stories and the descriptions of the suspects do not add up.

He said there was a braid coming out of the mask Summers was allegedly wearing. But Summers had his hair cut short at the time of the crime. Also. the defense said the height description is not accurate. The defense says that is because Summers was not even at the scene, but rather at a friend's house on a nearby street.

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