Law Enforcement: "stick family" car decals could make you a victim

COLUMBIA, Mo. - What appears to be a popular car decal for many families could make you a victim, according to a national warning from law enforcement.

The "stick family" car window sticker tells people how many family members you have, and in some cases, even if you have a pet.

Although it seems harmless, law enforcement told ABC 17 News it could be revealing more information than one may realize, posing a safety risk.

"All it takes is one wrong person to see that bumper sticker and that person gets ideas," said Detective Tom O' Sullivan with the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

Ideas that law enforcement nationally said could be anything from burglary, assault or kidnapping.

O' Sullivan said it can be even more dangerous for single moms.

"There's guys out there that are always looking for children to molest, and if you advertise you're a single mom with kids, there's people who are going to be attracted to you just so they can have access to your kids," he said.

O' Sullivan said he hasn't seen any burglaries or other crimes in the Boone County area that are believed to have stemmed from having the stickers, but he said that doesn't mean there isn't a risk.

"My philosophy is the less personal information you provide to the masses, the better off you're probably going to be," he said.

Law enforcement also warns that having stickers of a mascot or child's sports team could also reveal more information than one may realize. It tells someone exactly where a child goes to school.

They say a criminal can easily look up game schedules to know when a family is likely not home.

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