Man accused of sexual misconduct during massages

Massage therapist accused of sexual misconduct

COLUMBIA, Mo. - A Columbia massage therapist has been arrested after being accused of doing more than just massages.

Columbia police arrested massage therapist Jack Dillender after two women reported being touched in the breasts and genital areas during their massages.

It happened at his business called The Way of Massage, at 601 Business Loop 70 West.

ABC 17 News did some digging, and found out Dillender hasn't had a business license since July of 2010. 

City officials were surprised to learn about his business, and said they would be looking into possibly pressing charges for operating without a license.

He also is facing sexual misconduct charges for the reports of the inappropriate touching by the two women.

The women reported the misconduct in September of 2013 and last month.  But online reviews alleged Dillender was behaving inappropriately during massages several years before.

One review, posted on Yelp in 2012, said," The line was crossed multiple times and I WILL NEVER GO BACK!"

Another review from 2013 said "Ladies, be prepared to defend your boundaries while on the table."

ABC 17 News reporter Dana Clemens went to Dillender's house to find out what he had to say about the accusations.

Clemens asked him if he ever felt like he crossed any boundaries.  He paused for a long time before saying, "No."

But when she asked if he saw where the women were coming from when they went to police with these accusations, he admitted he could see where there could be some confusion.

Dillender said he developed his own pain release technique of massage.

So Clemens asked him if he ever had to get near a woman's private areas to be effective.  Dillender said he did not, and that he could steer clear of them.

But when Clemens asked if he does steer clear of those areas, Dillender replied, "No comment."

The Way of Massage is now closed, and Dillender said it will remain closed.

He is facing misdemeanor charges, but the charges have not been filed yet.

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