Man arrested on suspicion of attempting to have sex with dog

Man arrested for attempted sex with an animal

COLUMBIA,Mo. - For the first time in the Boone County Sheriff's Department Cyber Crimes Task detectives arrested a man on charges of trying to have sex with an animal.

Jerald Hill from Roach bonded out of jail.

Wednesday we learned through sources and viewer tips Hill was a church leader at Windermere Baptist Conference Center.

We have contacted to the church several times Wednesday for comment, but have not heard back.

 "This is a reality of what we see in cyber crimes is that bestiality and this kind of act is an ongoing issue out there," said Detective Tracy Perkins with the Boone County Sheriff's Department Cyber Crimes Task Force.

Hill is accused of taking to Craigslist days ago posting he wanted a dog to engage in sexual activities with.

Users of the website are the ones who hold the power to regulate the site by flagging things found inappropriate, which happened to Hill's post when a Craigslist user saw what he was asking for, flagged it, and then left a tip for the Cyber Crimes Task Force.

"As the cyber crimes unit our responsibility is to protect children and when these types of tips come to us and we know someone is wanting to do such a behavior to an animal we have to step out of our zone that we work in and do the same thing for an animal," said Perkins.

Perkins said in the years working with the task force, she has seen a correlation between bestiality and child pornography.

"It's under that dark world and it's that area where nobody wants to get caught doing. This person in particular I think just got very bold," said Perkins.

Prosecutors have not filed charges yet against Hill.

The case is a misdemeanor investigation.

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