Residents near Garth and Texas avenues still worry about their safety 3 days after shooting

Two men are behind bars, but the investigation continues

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Twenty-seven shell casings littered the streets Wednesday after passengers from two vehicles fired at each other.

On Friday, police arrested Moises Guillen at the Links apartment complex in reference to the shooting.

A day earlier, 23-year-old Coty Galbreath was arrested for suspected involvement in the shooting after he was treated for a gunshot wound in relation to the shooting.

That news is little comfort for residents who witnessed the crossfire.

"I never thought this would have happened," said resident Muslinah Carpenter.

Other neighbors told ABC 17 News this is the kind of neighborhood where people are out walking their dogs or out with their kids at all times of the day.

This shooting raises new safety concerns for those who live in the area.

One neighbor told ABC 17 News anyone who would do such a thing "has no regard for their own lives, so they sure don't have any regard for mine."

So while the shell casings have been picked up, the crime scene tape is gone and now two suspects are off the streets, but fear still lives on Texas Avenue.

"I'm going to be more cautious if I'm going out anywhere," Carpenter said.

Police said this is still an ongoing investigation and more arrests could be made.

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