Spring break burglaries in Columbia are up this year

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Twenty-six Columbia homes were hit by burglars last week during spring break.

That number is up from 21 last year, and up 16 from five years ago.

ABC 17 News found several homes in the east campus neighborhood were broken into. Three happened within a block of each other on Anthony Street.

"On breaks no one is here, so you have to think this is the easiest place ever to do a robbery," said Matt Goldsmith.

His house on University Avenue was broken into while him and his roommates were on spring break.

Goldsmith told ABC 17 News all of their doors were locked.

"We think maybe someone jumped up and climbed on the roof and through my window," said Goldsmith.

Once inside the burglars broke through doors to get into bedrooms.

"His door which actually locks inside the house was broken down, it was still hanging but looked like someone had rushed it to get in," said Goldsmith.

This isn't the first time this house had been targeted.

"We actually had someone try to throw a rock through our window but luckily it wasn't glass there but plastic so they couldn't really get in through that," said Goldsmith.

On Anthony Street three homes were broken into.

"They somehow were able to fit a crow bar or something into the front door to open it," said Patrick Simon.

Simon told ABC 17 News that all of their doors and windows were locked. Including the doors to their bedrooms.

The criminals were able to break through those bedroom doors to snatch laptops and other electronics.

Burglars went through a half unlocked window at another house on Anthony street.

While east campus was not the only area hit by burglars in Columbia, this area had the most.

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