Students in East Campus worried about safety on Thanksgiving break

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Fewer people in the East Campus neighborhood over Thanksgiving break could mean more of an opportunity for a break-in.

And with a dangerous person -- who could be tied to nine break-ins and assaults --still on the loose, students staying in East Campus over the break are worried for their safety.

Students said they know to take safety precautions, but they wished there was more they could do to prevent anything from happening.

One student, Lauren Boland, wished her house had a security system.

"I wish we could put one in, but I don't think our landlord would want that because it might raise prices.  But I wish they would put one in or come in and check out our house and locks to make sure it's safe," Boland said.

Another student, Mary Erker, had an inexpensive plan she was going to put into action.

"I think people should get some jingle bells, and hang them on doors or windows.  That way if anyone tries to open them, you'll hear the bells," Erker said.

Police will be making extra patrols over break.

They are encouraging everyone to report anything suspicious to help them find the suspect.

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