Dangerous toys still on Mid-Missouri store shelves

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Some of the year's most dangerous toys still sit on store shelves in mid-Missouri.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission looked at toys with toxins -- like lead -- choking hazards, magnets, and loud noises.

The group placed the most dangerous toys on a list to warn parents about because these toys were not recalled.

Some of the toys, like Captain America's Soft Shield, had an excessive amount of lead.

Others, like Littlest Pet Shop toys, were found to be choking hazards.

ABC 17 News checked local Walmart and Toys R Us stores and found many of the toys on the list still inside the stores.

Then, ABC 17 News showed the list to parents shopping and told them those troubled toys were still on shelves. Most parents said they were shocked.

"I just can't believe knowing that these toys have too much lead or are dangerous, Walmart would still keep them on the shelves," Jill Casteel said. "It's disturbing."

Another man shopping for his niece agreed.

"Now that I know these toys are dangerous, I wouldn't buy them," Wayne Ketchum said. "The stores need to have them removed."

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