Doctors warn of summer heat

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The heat's not going anywhere as we officially start up the first week of summer.

On Saturday pools and the lake are popular.

Doctors are warning about the dangers of spending too much time in the sun, especially after a cool, wet couple of months.      

Spending too much time outside enjoying the day could land anyone in the emergency room.

"it's definitely hot now and the other thing is were very humid. So the bodies natural cooling system is not going to work as well cuz the whole purpose is when you sweat it evaporates and it cools your body down," said Dr. Scott Schultz with Providence Urgent care.

We spoke with people in columbia during today's peak heat to see what they were doing to stay safe while out and about on Saturday.

Two women walking down towards Reactor Field said they were surprised how hot it was outside.

"When we walked outside we were like 'like oh my god this heat is terrible,'" the girls said.

One way families are staying cool is by hitting the pool.

One father we spoke with has six kids and makes sure they are staying safe while being in the sun for so long. 

"We got our sunscreen on which is most important, we make sure we do that. We kind of monitor him, keeping him out of the sun and stay away in the shade and bring him out and get him wet and put him back under and keep it under wraps and keep him safe," Brian Johnson said.

Doctors warn the signs of trouble may come to late too treat. 

"If you start experiencing head aches, nausea, spinning make sure you get inside and take a break," Dr. Schutlz said.

Earlier today University Hospital had zero reports of people coming into the emergency room due to heat related illness. 

Earlier this week we told you urgent cares in the area have started to see heat related illnsesses.

They also haven't treated anyone yet this weekend.

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