Drivers angered by potholes

Up and down temperatures are causing more and more potholes to pop up

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - These up and down temperatures are causing more and more potholes to pop up.

A pothole is formed when rain (or melted snow) weakens the soil supporting the road.

Traffic then wears down on the poorly supported road, causing cracks and holes.

Jefferson City residents say they are fed up with the bumpy drive that comes this time of year.

"I just bought 4 new tires, and I've hit every pothole in Jeff City. I'm kinda angry about it," said Jason Clark.

Experts say to avoid potholes when possible. But, they say if you do hit one it is a good idea to pull over and inspect you vehicle for damage.

"One thing you want to do is inspect both the inside and the outside of the wheel. Depending on where the impact comes from, it could have bust the interior part of the wheel too as well," said Justin Rains of Mobile Tire Expert.

Rains says if there is damage, it is best to get the part repaired right away.

"Make sure that you don't have a flat tire or busted wheel. Then get it to a repair shop as soon as you can or have somebody like us come on site and take a look at it," said Rains.

He says if you do not get it fixed, the results could be deadly.

"You know, you could have even damaged your breaking system where you can't stop properly. You could cause another incident from that. Obviously, if you have a damaged tire, you could go down and also cause another accident," said Rains.

Click here to report a pot hole to Jefferson City.

Click here to report a pot hole to Columbia.

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