One in custody following high speed chase on Highway 54

One person is in custody following a high-speed chase on Highway 54. 


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Trustees consider splitting Columbia College into schools

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — The Columbia College Board of Trustees will vote in April on a proposal to split the college into separate schools.

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Only 40% from middle class who start college earn bachelor's degree

Here's a little-known, scary stat: More than half of middle class kids who start college fail to earn a bachelor's degree within six to eight years.

The low graduation rate has big implications for young adults' ability to remain in the middle class, ...

MUPD chief announces retirement

MU Police Chief Jack Watring has announced his retirement effective in June.



What $100,000 in student debt feels like

Loads. Of. Debt.

That's the story of graduates today.

But $100,000? Or more. Any debt counselor will tell you that's insane.

It's a choke-hold on young people starting their lives -- It means putting off getting married, having children, and buying th...

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Where you go to college usually doesn't matter

During a conversation with a professor at an Ivy League college, a mother nudges her daughter to share how she's president of her school's "survivors-of-bulimia" group.

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Bob Jones III sorry for anti-gay comments

Three and a half decades after calling for homosexuals to be stoned, former Bob Jones University President Bob Jones III has apologized.


MU saves thousands on storm water utility discount

The University of Missouri saved more than $26,000 on its storm water utility bill because of a 40% discount the City of Columbia grants it, according to new numbers obtained by ABC 17 News.

Sandy Hook Bushmaster rifle

Connecticut State Police via Getty Images

California teachers are mad their pension fund still owns gun maker

The California teachers' pension fund still hasn't shaken off its investment in gun maker Bushmaster, more than two years after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

And now the teachers are mad. California teachers are planning a protest...

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