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Texas A&M investigating reports of racial slurs, taunts

Texas A&M officials have identified one of the Aggie students who reportedly yelled a racial slur at a group of 60 minority high schoolers and told them to "go back where they came from."

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Illinois university forced to lay off 200 workers

Eastern Illinois University laid off 198 staff members this week, and the college president is blaming the state legislature.

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"This Week" with Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis

After another week in the news headlines, the University of Missouri system continues to try to find its way for the future.

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College students Tindering for 'friends'

Tindering ... for friends. College students say it's not love, or hookups, but friendship that they're using dating apps for.

UM System diversity leaders give faculty council progress update

UM System diversity leaders give faculty council progress update

University of Missouri System diversity and inclusion leaders spoke to the MU Faculty Council Thursday on what progress has been made since protests on the MU campus last November.

Student journalist reacts to MU professor's first public interview

On Thursday, ABC 17 News reached out to all sides of the Melissa Click story.

MU staff, students meet second candidate for Chief Diversity Officer

MU students and staff got a look at the second candidate trying to become the University of Missouri System's first ever Chief Diversity Officer.

Suspended MU professor Melissa Click speaks to ABC 17 News

ABC 17 News has gained the first public interview with MU's controversial assistant communication professor, Melissa Click, who is breaking her silence following campus protests in November. She says, "I was never calling for violence."

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