Enterprise Rent-A-Car donates $2 million to MU

COLUMBIA, Mo. - On Tuesday, the owners of Enterprise Rent-A-Car donated $2 million to the University of Missouri.

The university has decided to use the money as an endowment for their sustainable energy programs.

More MU alumni work at Enterprise than any other university in the world. The company employs more than 600 graduates and three top executives are graduates.

It's these ties and the research that encouraged the company to donate the money.

Chancellor Brady Deaton said the money will go straight to benefiting research, education and programs that look into keeping the quality of the environment.

Vice president and executive director of Enterprise Holdings Foundation, Carolyn Kindle, had no reservations about the new partnership.

"I think it's a great fit. Obviously the larger our corporation gets and the more cars we put on the road any opportunity we have to look for sustainable energy sources we definitely want to be a part of that," Kindle said.

The sustainable energy program finds alternative energy sources that don't harm the world around us.

The work encompasses seven different aspects of the "Mizzou Advantage," which looks at the cultural and social consequences of energy use and production.

"We view our participation in this development campaign as an investment that will benefit not only the student and the university, but every person, institution and company like ours," said Kindle.

Deaton said he believes this donation shows Enterprise's confidence in the university's research.

Kindle hopes the $2 million gift will truly make a difference.

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