Former University Village residents say new accomodations are not any better

University Village closes for good, residents move out

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The University Village Student Parent Center and apartment complex officially closed its doors Monday.

Former residents are now trying to rebuild their lives elsewhere.

One of those students, Haider Alwawazy, has relocated to University Heights, just next door to University Village.

"The University told me I do not have a choice, just this place [University Heights] or Tara Apartments," Alwawazy said.

Alwawazy said those two options aren't much better than University Village.

"The kitchen has a problem, the bathroom has a problem, I don't know why we moved into this apartment, it's not ready to be moved into yet," he said.

Haider said he and his wife have been in the new apartment three days and feel the living conditions are not up to par.

Others who moved from University Village to University Heights said they feel the same way.

Those who have kids are still trying to figure out a solution for childcare for when the fall semester starts since the Student Parent Center is closed.

Alwawazy said dealing with the stress of moving makes being an international student even harder.

"Anyone moving to another country, an international student, when I go to another country, it's very hard for me," he said.

There is not a set date for when the University Village complex will be demolished. Three of the buildings will not be torn down and the University will use them for storage.

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