Residents react to engineer findings at University Village

Residents react to living in dangerous conditions

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Buildings 602, 604, and 709 are just three of the buildings in University Village found to have "very questionable" walkways by TH&H engineers.

Not only that, the report stated "unless remedial action is taken, a catastrophic collapse could be imminent".

This report comes just over two weeks after a walkway collapse in building 707 at University Village killed Columbia firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt.

ABC 17 News crews visited buildings 602, 604, and 709 to talk with residents living in them.

The residents didn't know their buildings were considered in need of "immediate" repairs by engineers.

"It's surprising we haven't been told as residents we're living in a dangerous building," a resident named Deb said.

Another resident echoed his concerns.

"I'm worried about my family because I've had a million problems even before this incident," Ahmen Jagmagji said.

Jagmagji then took ABC 17 News inside his home, where a large crack near his window had just happened the day before.

He and Deb agree - the wooden reinforcements under the questionable walkways aren't doing enough.

"I don't think that's a permanent solution," Deb said.

"I think all the students should move out," Jagmagji said.

Three other buildings - buildings 605, 701, and 706 were also found to need "necessary repairs" and also fell under the "very questionable" category for walkways.

Three additional buildings - 704, 705, and 708 were also found to be in very poor condition needing "immediate" repairs, but no one lives in any of those buildings any more.

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