Dhaka hostage situation

Dhaka cafe siege: All 20 hostages killed are foreigners

Gunmen seized a bakery in Dhaka overnight, killing 20 hostages and two officers in a siege that ended Saturday morning, the Bangladeshi military said.

All the hostages killed were foreigners, the military said.

The attackers used guns, explosive devi...


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Parents should start thinking about getting kids vaccinated for school

With only about two months left until school starts again, parents should begin thinking about taking their kids for school vaccinations.

School desks

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College job hunt gets tougher as campus interviews fade

Newly minted college grads -- even upcoming seniors -- looking for jobs and internships might be surprised by their interviewer. It could be a machine.

Hallsville school officials approve final 2016-2017 budget

The Hallsville Board of Education passed a final budget outline for the upcoming school year at Thursday night's meeting.

Student loans

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Student loan interest rates are going down

Great news: If you have to take out a student loan to pay for college this year, the interest rate will be lower than it was for the last three years.

College professor prank

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College grads are getting nearly all the jobs

Got a college degree? Then it's much more likely that you could land a job in the economic recovery.

Of the 11.6 million jobs created after the Great Recession, 8.4 million went to those with at least a bachelor's degree, according to a new report fro...

Columbia public schools ramps up teacher recruitment with new approach

Some districts statewide have a difficult time attracting teachers to the district, especially minority teachers or ones who specialize in a certain area, like math.

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House speaker fills other half of UM System review group

House of Representatives Speaker Todd Richardson chose four people for a state-sponsored review group of the UM System.

$100 bills


How the typical American family pays for college

You're thrilled your child got into college, but that doesn't mean you're happy about the tuition bill.


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