Suspects in Nebraska double homicide arrested in Columbia

Two people wanted in connection with a double homicide in Omaha, Nebraska, were arrested in Columbia Friday afternoon.


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Anaya Ellick


Girl with no hands wins handwriting contest

People may look at Anaya Ellick and see a child who'll have a lifetime of challenges. But a second look at her reveals a girl who's providing a lifetime of inspiration.

Anaya, 7, was born with no hands and doesn't use prosthetics, yet earlier this wee...

School bully teases kid


City to fine parents of bullies

A city in Wisconsin is taking a different approach to stop bullying, the city is going to fine the parents of the bully.


Missouri House oks bill allowing guns on campus

The Missouri House has passed a bill with a number of provisions aimed at expanding access to guns. Members voted 101-28 Thursday to pass the proposal, which was amended to allow fulltime employees to carry guns on college campuses, with some exceptions.

Computer user with mouse and keyboard

iStock / DOConnell

These skills will get you a job

Wanted: Americans with coding skills.

MU Health announces a major orthopedic donation

The University of Missouri announced a $3 million gift courtesy of the Thompson family on Thursday morning. The donation will help fund research for regenerative orthopaedics. 

UM Curators finalize Presidential search document

The University of Missouri Curators and the Presidential Search Committee have finalized the document the search firm will use to find candidates. 

State Senate overrides Gov. Nixon's school funds veto

Missouri senators have voted to override Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of a proposal reining in the amount of money lawmakers provide to K-12 schools. Hours after he vetoed the bill Wednesday, senators voted 25-7 to override him. Two-thirds of House members also must vote to override the governor.

School desks

Rob Gonyea/

Detroit schools open, but is it too late?

Shoniqua Kemp took her 15-year-old and 18-year-old to the museum on Tuesday morning. It wasn't a weekend and there was no school trip. In fact, there was no school at all.

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