Extreme weather conditions on New Year's Eve

Dangerously cold temperatures

Extreme weather conditions on New Years Eve

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Our ABC 17 News storm track weather team has been tracking weather conditions throughout the weekend and one thing we know, it's cold. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said being out in cold weather like Mid-Missouri weather requires people to layer up. 

To avoid catching hypothermia or other cold weather injuries, wearing the proper clothing will go a long way in keeping people warm. 

Layering up will provide better insulation and keep people from getting any cold weather injuries. 

According to the CDC, "One of the biggest dangers from working (or being) in the cold can be the hardest to recognize": hypothermia.

Some early signs of hypothermia consist of shivering, feeling tired, loss of coordination and confusion. 

On New Year's Eve, many people may have plans to head out to celebrate new beginnings. If anyone does plan on being outside, the CDC also suggested people avoid alcohol consumption while outside in extreme low temperatures. 

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