As gang crime spills into the community, frustrated family members of those involved say police aren't listening.

One mother took her concerns to the Columbia's Citizen's Police Review Board Wednesday night.

Andrea Brookins is the mother of a teenager driving one of the cars involved in a car wreck after a car chase and shooting at Providence Road and I-70 Sunday night.

She was at the scene after her son was arrested that night.

Brookins told the review board the police didn't treat her fairly and did not listen to her when she tried to tell them her concerns of being targeted by a gang.

Her son is still being held at the Juvenile Justice Center and Brookins told the board that no one in the police department has told her why her son is still being held.

She told ABC 17 News her son is due in court Thursday morning 9 a.m. and hopes more of her questions will be answered then.