Tuesday was the last day for Jefferson City citizens interested in serving the community to file for a run for City Council.

Filing opened on Nov. 12th and ended at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

A council seat from each of the city's five wards is up for election when residents choose their next public servants.

Now that the filing date has passed, we know there will be only one contested race for City Council.

Carrie Carroll, current 4th Ward councilwoman, is being opposed by fellow 4th Ward resident, Glen Costalas.

Council members are elected to serve two-year terms, with the next election in Jefferson City coming this April.

"The greatest thing about local government is that all of these people live in your town, and they may be your neighbor. They may go to church with you. So, take an opportunity to talk to them. Find out why they hold the views they do," said city Interim Administrator Drew Hilpert.

Hilpert says getting to know where the candidates stand on each issue is the best way to make your voice heard.

"If there way of thinking is closest to you then that's the person that you probably ought to vote for," he said.