The former chief of the Columbia Police Department is defending the investigation that led to the arrests of Ryan Ferguson and Charles "Chuck" Erickson for the murder of Kent Heitholt.

ABC 17 News obtained a statement from Randy Boehm who led the police department when officers arrested Ferguson and Erickson in 2004.

Boehm told ABC 17 News:

"I had and still have complete confidence in our Investigative team that worked this case. I believe the case was worked professionally and ethically and I still believe that the people responsible for this crime are the people we arrested. I also had and have complete confidence in the professionalism and integrity of Kevin Crane. He was an exceptional Prosecutor."

Ferguson and Erickson were both convicted for the Halloween night 2001 murder of Heitholt.

A Missouri appeals court overturned Ferguson's murder and robbery convictions on Nov. 5. The appeals panel said the prosecutor's office had withheld evidence from defense attorneys and that Ferguson did not receive a fair trial.

Boehm retired from the force in 2008.