Former guardian says DeBrodie changed in Second Chance's care

Family, community react to Fulton man's death

Family, community react to Fulton...

FULTON, Mo. - The search for missing Fulton man Carl DeBrodie is over but the family says the search for answers continues. 

On Tuesday, Fulton police said they believe they found DeBrodie's body in a container encased in cement inside a storage unit, several blocks away from Westminster College.

Fulton police say the new owners of a group home have been cleared in the investigation but it's still unclear if the previous owners of Second Chance group home have been cleared since they were the owners at the time of DeBrodie's disappearance. 

Mary Martin, a former guardian of DeBrodie when he was between 12 and 21 years old, said as soon as DeBrodie went into Second Chance group home she noticed a difference in him. 

"Everything went really well for about a year (but then) I had him on Christmas and he had a lot of bruises so I hotlined it in. Then I became not a very popular person," Martin said. 

Martin said after she called the hotline to report the alleged abuse, she couldn't talk with DeBrodie when she called the home. 

"I lost my ability to talk to him, they (employees of Second Chance) would hang up on me and not call me back" Martin said. 

That's when Martin tried to become DeBrodie's legal guardian but lost in court. She then tried to adoption DeBrodie but lost in court as well. 

"I just gave up on that avenue. I went into depression. I just couldn't fight anymore because no one was listening to me," Martin said. 

Martin believes that during the ownership transition from Second Chance to the new owners, Finck & Associates, there was some negligence in reporting DeBrodie missing. Martin said, in her opinion, when new ownership was taking over Second Chance knew a face-to-face interaction was going to happen with everyone in the group home, and that's when Martin said Second Chance reported him missing.

"There are a lot of unanswered questions as to why nobody ever saw him," she said. 

ABC 17 News called the Department of Mental Health, which oversees Second Chance. We are waiting for more details and background on Second Chance. 

ABC 17 News spoke with DeBrodie's mother who said the family hasn't been able to see DeBrodie for a few years. They say it was hard to make scheduled visits with him at the group home or with his caretaker. 

Family members said Tuesday they just want answers. 

"Answers is all we are asking for. We don't know what went on. We just want answers," said Nicolas Clark, DeBrodie's brother.



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