Freezing rain hits Mid-Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo - On Friday, freezing rain hit parts of Mid-Missouri, mainly affecting the northwestern parts. 

Overpasses and bridges will be the first areas affected as the cold air is able to pass both above and below the road making precipitation freeze faster. 

As our ABC17 crews were driving earlier this morning, rain was freezing onto the windshield making it difficult to see. They were also experiencing slick roads right off Highway 63 north. 

Back on December 4th, Mid-Missouri experienced their first snowy conditions. Within one hour, the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to five crashes on Highway 63. 

When it comes to ice, all vehicles have no traction on the road. 

Hospitals also see an increase in injuries during ice storms due to people slipping on frozen walkways. 

People are advised to drive under the speed limit, watch where they're walking and allow extra time wherever they go. 

Crews are currently on scene at multiple crashes in Cole County. 


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