Government shutdown to have significant impact locally

Several services are expected to stop due to the government shutdown

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The possible shutdown of government in Washington DC is projected to have a to have a significant impact in Mid-Missouri. There are still several questions out there about what will exactly be affected.

The Department of State has some funds outside the congressional budget. If you're looking to get a passport they will still be open, but are unsure how long those funds will be there.

You won't be able to visit national parks like the Arch in St. Louis. The National Park Service said they'll turn any visitors away upon entrance and give campers two days to leave.

Certain services within Social Security offices will be affected. Officials told ABC 17 News they cannot provide proof of income letters, replacing medicare cards, or issuing new or replacement social security cards. Most people that were at the office in Columbia said those were the services they were there for.

"I would not been able to get my job today had I not came and got my social security card," Dawn Wyatt said as she walked out of the Social Security office.

Wyatt was like every other person ABC 17 News talked with Monday. She said she heard a little about the possible government shutdown, but did not look further into it.

"It is a big relief and it's very overwhelming to think that me coming today, what happened today is the difference between having an income and not having an income," Wyatt explained.

Wyatt hopes Congress understands what kind of a predicament its puts people in. The House and Senate are fighting over the funding of the Affordable Care Act. The House passed a spending bill that took funding away for a year so they can work out the kinks. The Senate rejected that bill, stating it needs to be funded 100 percent or the government will shutdown.

Wyatt said she knows people won't be as fortunate as she was.

"I was applying for a job today and I had to have two forms of (identification). So I had my drivers license with me, but I had to have my Social Security card. So since it was misplaced, I had to come out here to get one," Wyatt said.

There are also several programs out there such as WIC. Reports show there won't be enough money to pay administrative costs. Officials said there is enough money from the state for the short-term, but couldn't give me an exact date on that.

While there are several areas that will be affected, you will not see any stoppage in mail service, social security checks, or the ability to get food stamps.

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