Gun sales remain steady

A new survey shows gun sales are on the rise.

According to CNN, the thirty percent boost in gun sales is due to a sudden interest in self-defense, as well as fear of tighter gun restrictions.

A popular gun maker, Colt Manufacturing, reported their sales are up twelve times as much in the first five months of 2014 than they were all of last year.

Ammo Alley owner, Doug Alley, said, "My gun sales have remained steady since 2012.  The availability of guns and ammunition is what has changed."

Alley said, "Anybody who has tried to get ammunition lately has found that has been a difficult proposition, as well."

"Twenty-two caliber ammunition is the hardest to find right now," said Alley.

Doe Run in Herculaneum, Mo. is the last place in the United States to smelt lead, which is the part of the bullet that fires from the barrel.

Due to regulations, they will have to close down by the end of 2014.

Alley said that could cause problems in making bullets.

"To buy a gun of any kind, whether it be a handgun, riffle, any type of gun, they have to fill out a federal form.  They are then background checked by the FBI.  After all of that is done, the buyer can take their gun, "said Alley.

Alley said he feels the sudden interest in protection has caused a boom in gun sales.

"Anytime there is a change in administration, gun sales go up," said Alley.

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