The beginning of another school year is just around the corner, and area health departments are urging parents to get their kids' shots done early.

Nurses at the Cole County Health Department are hoping the empty waiting room will begin to fill up as back to school approaches.

Immunization coordinator and registered nurse Jessi Kempker said, "A lot of parents don't know their children need to have vaccines before they go to school, they are just required by law that you have to have those to go to school, so you don't find out that they need those vaccines until you go to register. The school nurse then looks at the record and finds out 'oh you need this and this, and this or just one."

They do offer several clinics for different age groups.

They said it's one of the most important things you can provide for your children, to protect their health and of course their absences from school.

"When you wait, you have everyone that's finding out if they need these vaccines before they go back to school, so everyone is coming back in at the same time," said Kempker.

The cost for the shots depends on which insurance provider you have. Even if you don't have insurance you can come in; it's only $15.