Higbee hosts fundraiser for local burn victim

HIGBEE, Mo. - One town rallies to support a member of the community.

Connie Hunt is continuing to recover, but lost everything.

Nearly two months ago, she was doused in gasoline and set on fire by her husband. The house burned to the ground.

Saturday the people in Higbee hosted a barbecue to raise money for Connie Hunt.

Friends tell ABC 17 News Connie Hunt has no homeowner's insurance and very little medical insurance and that is why everyone in Higbee is doing what they can to be able to give back to her.

"This is for Connie. We are team Connie, we got our ribbons and that is what it's all about. It's for her," said Stacy Sager, Higbee VFW post manager.

Connie Hunt is a Higbee native.

Now, she's far from her hometown -- at the Kansas  University Hospital -- after police say her husband set her and their house on fire.

"She wanted to be here today, but with the chances of infection and stuff there's no way she could have been here," said Sager.

"People have come together it's amazing, it's emotional, I'm proud of our town and what everyone has done to do this for her," said Syndi Voeltz, a friend of Hunt's.

The town was in disbelief when Willard Hunt was charged with attacking his wife.

The last two months, friends, family, even businesses from surrounding towns have been reaching out to help Connie Hunt recover emotionally and financially.

"She has a long road to recovery and she had no home owner's insurance and very little medical insurance. We are welcoming any donations," Voeltz said.

Friends tell ABC 17 News the list of all the people volunteering and helping out, picking up debris and raising money, is endless and they can't thank everyone enough.

"There are so many -- we could sit here all day and list them. The response has been overwhelming and the donations won't stop here." <said who? please add attribution>

To give donations, anyone can reach out to the Higbee VFW post.

Connie Hunt remains at the University Hospital in Kansas City and continues to make progress in her recovery.

Willard Hunt's preliminary hearing has been set for Sept. 17.

Hunt is being held on a $200,000 bond in Randolph County on charges of first-degree arson, domestic assault and armed criminal action.

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