A Mexican national was sentenced in federal court Tuesday for having methamphetamine that she intended to distribute in Morgan County, and for illegally reentering the U.S.

48-year-old Maria Teresa Marrufo is a citizen of Mexico who was living in Gardner, Kansas.

Marrufo was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison without parole.

In August 2013, Marrufo pleaded guilty to possession of meth with intent to distribute and to illegally re-entering the U.S after being deported.

According to court documents, Marrufo was arrested in Morgan County while delivering 224 grams of pure meth. Marrufo's teenage son was driving the car while Marrufo rode in the passenger seat.

Marrufo gave police an alias when confronted.

At the time, Marrufo was convicted of 2 drug-trafficking felonies for attempting to smuggle marijuana into the U.S.

After being charged and released, Marrufo absconded her parole and remained a fugitive for 12 years.

She was deported in 2012, but illegally returned to the U.S. and continued her illegal drug-trafficking activities.