The Jefferson City Council will hold a special meeting Monday night from 5:30 to 7 at the Christy Building to hear public comment on conference center proposals.

The city released summaries of the final two proposals last Tuesday.

Hannibal-based Ehrhardt Group proposes building a conference center and parking garage at 300 W. McCarty with more parking at 211 W. McCarty and 405 Broadway.

Ehrhardt proposes a 44,585 sq ft. conference center which would cost $13.8 million, with a $15 million Courtyard by Marriott.

Under the Ehrhardt plan, public participation is requested. A Lodging Tax is expected to bring in about $9 to $11 million for the project, and the group proposes a tax abatement on the hotel for 20 years. The cost of the abatement is $264,892 per year for 20 years.

The other proposal through Jefferson City-based Farmer Group would include a 61,000 sq. ft. conference center within Capital Mall. Farmer's conference center would cost $14 million, along with a $13.9 million Courtyard by Marriott.

Public participation is also requested by the Farmer Group. The Lodging Tax would bring in $9 to $11 million, and the Farmer Group proposes modifying the current Capital Mall TIF with a 100% TIF on the new hotel conference center and CID revenue on Capital Mall.

The estimated cost for that is $538,000 per year for 23 years.

The Council will not vote on the issue Monday, but likely at a meeting on April 7th.

If you would like to speak publicly regarding the conference center proposals, you must call the City Clerk's office at 573-634-6311 or sign up outside the Council Chambers prior to 5:30.

Public testimony will be limited to three minutes per person.