Jefferson City Council to reconsider Taco Bell proposal

Jefferson City Council to reconsider...

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Next week, the Jefferson City Council will reconsider a controversial proposal to build a Taco Bell on Schotthill Woods Drive.

Wednesday, residents voiced several concerns about the possible development as they met with developers in the city annex.

"Issues of noise and potential loitering and litter, just things that Could devalue our property and make the area less desirable," Jefferson City resident Tom Fennessey said.

Last month, the city council turned down plans to make the Pizza Hut a Taco Bell at the intersection of Schotthill Woods and Eastland Drive.

But some council members were concerned not all members were present to vote and that residents did not have a chance to meet with the developers.

When residents got the chance Wednesday, they also voiced concerns of the business's late operation hours and the potential for more traffic.

"The Pizza Hut is a dine-in restaurant versus a drive-through...just you know more, different business clientele I think," Fennessey said.

Developers proposed several solutions to the concerns including possible signage about noise ordinances and loitering, planting trees to act as a sound barrier, hourly lot checks for trash and close surveillance of the lot to watch for disruptions.

"I think the not knowing of what's coming in and what kind of neighbors we're gonna be was probably concerning to them," Kelly Batiste with K-MAC Enterprises Inc., the company that owns the area Taco Bells, said. "But I think we addressed a lot of that I think we're gonna be great neighbors for them."

"The reality is it's gonna be an issue of ongoing concern," Fennessey said. "You know, we'll have to see how it works out to somewhat—to some extent."

The city council is set to hold a public hearing and vote on the issue at its upcoming meeting on Monday, Dec. 19.

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