Jefferson City Police Department looking for new hires

Police said applicant numbers are down

Jefferson City Police seeking more applicants

The Jefferson City Police Personnel Board met today to discuss the hiring process of two communication operators and 4 police officers.

Police said there is a low number of people applying for the jobs.

Only 60 applicants applied for both of the positions.

They said two years ago they had twice as many applicants.

Lt. Deric Heislen said, "Some of the different divisions may be short in one area or another, but it doesn't effect the overall patrolling or the services we provide.

Recently, 21 people who applied for the communications division showed up for the interview.

Only 34 showed up for the police officer position.

Heislen said once they find the right people to hire, the process can be lengthy.

"Typically, a hiring process will take us three to four months because of the number of steps it takes to rally fill the position," said Heislen.

Captain Doug Shoemaker said, "I will say it's harder to find qualified communications operators than police officers.  It's a very demanding job and a very vital one."

Shoemaker said they look for people who can multitask.

"You have to be able to take a 9-11 call, enter it properly, ask the caller the right questions that could potentially help safeguard our first responders, dispatch the call and do it all calmly," said Shoemaker.

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