Jefferson City Police seek approval for new tasers

Jefferson City Police seeks approval for new tasers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - When it comes to having a variety of options to use, Jefferson City Police officers said they know the importance of having a taser on their belts.

"We do have officers that carry them every day, so they are assigned, but there are so many officers in the department and we don't have that many available to where there are some officers that choose to check them out each day," said Lt. Dave Williams, who is an instructor for the tasing program.

For JCPD, each of these tasers cost about $1000 including the holster, gun, and cartridges.

"In years past we have been able to update the tasers we have on hand, they have now come to the point at the end of 2014 where they no longer manufacture our current tasers and with that we want to come to the most current and best quality for what we have right now, so that's what we're trying to do," said Williams.

Because of this, the department is now seeking funds for new ones. They said it's another defense option, like pepper spray or an expandable baton, things that in different circumstances are needed.

"We want to make sure that everyone realizes that a taser does not solve everything. That sometimes a conversation can, when we try to talk to people into compliance before we go to anything on our belt."

When these officers are out on patrol, they say being able to have a taser is a huge benefit.

"We have to go through the budget process, it has to be explained and the first step is going to the public safety committee and making sure they understand why, that this is not just something we're requesting money for, that we are actually upgrading the technology we have on hand."

If the funding for these new tasers is approved, the entire JCPD will have to be re-trained on the tasers, but luckily they won't all have to be tased again.

Every Cole County deputy carries a $1900 taser, equipped with a camera on it. 

Highway Patrol said none of their road troopers carries a taser, but some of their water patrol and SWAT team members do in certain cases.

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