Jefferson City Public Schools purchase around 2,000 new iPads

District hopes the iPads will bring higher test scores.

POSTED: 01:18 PM CDT Jul 24, 2013    UPDATED: 04:02 PM CDT Jul 24, 2013 
2,000 new iPads at Jefferson City Public Schools

Jefferson City Public Schools purchased around 2,000 new iPads at $379 each for this upcoming school year.

The district hopes that this purchase will increase state and federal testing scores. The tests are transitioning online, so district officials feel that it is important students be as tech-savvy as possible.

"It's a teaching tool," said David Luther of Jefferson City Public Schools. "Our teachers will be able to use a variety of apps that we've purchased as a district to use in their classrooms. The students will have the opportunity to become more adept at using technology."

Each of the elementary classrooms will receive five new iPads, and teachers at all levels will also be receiving one.