Jefferson City residents discuss recent gun violence

Meeting follow multiple shootings

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - More than a dozen Jefferson City residents worked Sunday afternoon to combat the recent gun violence in their neighborhood. 

Residents say Heritage Apartments on Monroe Street has been the center of recent violence in the area, and they are asking for some help from the Jefferson City Council. 

Kennette Goodman and Bonita Vaught organized the meeting Sunday night to bring members of the community closer together and to try and come up with long-term solutions. 

Goodman told ABC 17 News she and Vaught recently met with Jefferson City administrators to discuss several possible solutions, such as updating ordinances, getting more lights, holding the property owner accountable- and have more security. 

Those proposals were brought up at the meeting, with residents agreeing they would best fit the recent rise in crime. 

Heritage Apartments of Central Missouri is owned by John and Angie McGennis, who say they are aware of the concerns for safety throughout the community. 

"Please know that all the people who have been arrested or are in question of violent crimes at Heritage have not been 'legal residents of Heritage Apartments."

In a letter to residents, the owners said they have ordered twelve new exterior lights that will be installed in the near future to light up the parking lot and buildings, as well as the north entrance of the parking lot will soon be closed to minimize through traffic. 

Chris Blickenstaff, a Monroe Street resident, says he was involved in the crossfire of the most recent shooting. 

"I was just taking my trash out I walked back into my house, I saw two men running towards my house and backyard, and then all of a sudden I got shot at twice but luckily it missed my head and hit my window."

Large parties, shootings, and litter on the street are a few of the concerns stemming from the Heritage Apartment Complex, but Jefferson City Police Department says they can only do so much. 

"We have stepped up our patrols in the area, which we do anytime residents don't feel safe in a certain area," Sgt. Joseph Matherne said.


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