JT's Cutz owner catches vandalism suspect on security footage

JTs Cutz owner catches vandalism...

COLUMBIA, Mo. - JT's Cutz barbershop in central Columbia has been targeted by a vandalism suspect twice in the past month. On Saturday, the suspect struck again but this time, security camera footage caught a clear picture of the man.

"Somebody's gonna know him," said owner Maurice Strickland. He said that he has no idea who the man is but has already circulated the video and photos throughout the community in the hopes that someone will recognize him.

Strickland said he has no idea why they have been targeted but the string of vandalism has affected his business. With all the boards covering broken out windows, JT's Cutz could easily be mistaken for a long-abandoned store.

"I'm frustrated," he said. "It's messing with my business."

He said he got a call Saturday night from police that someone had thrown two heavy rocks through the front doors of the barbershop, windows that have already been targeted in previous vandalism attempts and ones he's already replaced for hundreds of dollars.

Police said they got a call about 8:40 p.m. about a suspicious person wandering around the premises. They checked it out and that's when they discovered the most recent vandalism.

Strickland then checked his footage and found that the man had also swung around to the back of the barbershop and attempted to throw a rock through the glass door back there, but missed. 

Several other businesses in Columbia have also been targeted by the recent vandalism. A vandal broke windows on three separate occasions at H.T. May and Son Funeral Home on Holley Avenue. The owner, Thomas May, caught a man with a similar haircut and build on his security footage throwing rocks in the window.

A church in central Columbia and Super Sami Beauty Supply on Business Loop 70 were also targeted. 

Strickland and May said they are sure it is the same person because the same type of rock was used in the vandalism at the barbershop, funeral home and church. Police confirm that a connection could be possible.

Police said when the suspect is identified, he will be arrested for property damage and whether it's a felony or misdemeanor depends on the amount the damage costs. May and Strickland have already reported their repair costs were in the thousands of dollars.

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