Final suspect in 2012 Jefferson City murder sentenced to prison

Khiry Summers was sentenced for the murder of Keith Mosley in April 2012

POSTED: 06:27 PM CDT Sep 25, 2013    UPDATED: 06:38 PM CDT Sep 25, 2013 
Khiry SUmmers

A judge sentenced the final suspect of a 2012 Jefferson City murder to more than two decades behind bars. Khiry Summers was convicted of murder, robbery and armed criminal action in July. The judge sentenced him to 23 years in prison.

Brandon Chase is already serving a ten year prison sentence for being the mastermind and Tracy Session is serving a 20 year sentence for being the trigger man. They were all involved in a drug deal gone bad in April 2012. Sessions shot Keith Mosley in the chest and later died.

Cole County prosecutor Mark Richardson wanted to make Summers spend 25 years behind bars instead of the 23 the judge gave him. He said Summers actions were what set off everything that night Mosley was killed.

Sessions, chase, Summers set up a deal to buy marijuana from Keith Mosley. They never intended to pay Mosley, instead rob him. During the trial, it was brought up that Summers told people throughout the day of the killing it would be an easy robbery. Richardson said Summers walked into the room and shot into the floor to try and force Mosley to hand over the drugs. He claims if that had not happened, Mosley could still be alive.

Richardson also said Summers lied during his testimony and has never taken responsibility for what happened.

Summers lawyer tried to argue he had and he should not have a lengthy sentence because he has a family. But the judge promptly sentenced him to 23 years.

“The system's held the people most blame worthy responsible again, there's a satisfaction that the justice system has worked and we can go forward with these individuals having to serve a minimum of at least about 10 years up to a minimum of as much as 18, 19 years,” Richardson said.

Richardson tells ABC 17 News having to convict three people for the same crime was difficult. He said that's because the jury had to view the evidence a little skeptical because some of the key witnesses were drug dealers.

Summers has to serve at least 85 percent of his sentence before being eligible for parole.