Luckys Market delayed three months

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The new grocery store specializing in fresh and organic foods coming to Columbia was   delayed three months.

Luckys Farmers Market company is based out of Boulder, Colo. The one coming to Columbia will be located at 111 South Providence Road.

The grocery store was supposed to open its doors by the end of October, however, due to construction delays, it will not open until Jan. 15.

The delay is coming from a back order on steel. Luckys Farmers Market had to order nine 30-foot tall steel beams for the store in Columbia. This was a specific order that could only go through a small company, causing the backup.

"This is an interesting delay because we've seen the economy, and I don't want to say we were waiting for work, but we're available for work, and it seems like knock on wood, everyone is busy, so we just have to wait our turn," said Bo Sharon, owner of Luckys Farmers Market.

The grocery store hopes to have the steel by November.

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