Lunch provided, teachers give lessons at Ferguson library

Ferguson community pulls together to help students

FERGUSON, Mo. - While the unrest in Ferguson continues, school is delayed for students in the schooldistrict and some parents are scrambling to arrange their schedules to accomodate.

Teachers and volunteers at the Ferguson Public Library have been spending the last two days teaching kids and providing lunch since school won't start until Monday.

The parking lot was jammed and more than one hundred kids were inside the library Wednesday afternoon.

They were divided up by grade level and teachers taught all subjects while volunteers helped with crafts and other activities.

The doors at Griffith Middle School and all schools in the Ferguson-Florissant district remain closed as a safety precaution as unrest in the area continues.

Parents of students said they have had to re-plan the entire week since their kids were supposed to be in school.

"It's just really, really not fair to the children at all," said Ronda Sargent, a parent.

Other parents said they're doing some school work at home until school starts Monday.

"We've been tracing letters, learning left and right, and when I do laundry I have her separate all the colors for me, you know, she's just going into kindergarten so I try to do some educational things," said parent Jessica Dunkins.

Dunkins' 5-year-old daughter Mesiah said she just wants one thing.

"I ready for school to start."

Wednesday afternoon, teachers and volunteers created a learning environment at the public library.

Amy Brady said, "The kids are the ones that are impacted a lot by this and not being able to go to school is not their fault and they deserve to be able to come learn."

More than a hundred kids were divided by grade level and teachers taught students all subjects while volunteers helped out with arts and

"A lot of parents need a place to bring their kids, you know, if they have work or anything like that," said Brady.

The library opened up extra rooms for the overflow of kids.

The teachers and volunteers said they will be here from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day for the rest of the week.

Local food companies and the district said they also will continue to provide lunches.

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