Lush Nightclub to be shut down for 20 days

Owner has 10 days to appeal decision

POSTED: 03:06 PM CDT Jul 24, 2013    UPDATED: 03:19 PM CDT Jul 24, 2013 
Jefferson City Liquor Control Board

The Liquor Control Board in Jefferson City suspended Lush Nightclub's license for 20 business days.

The suspension is for tattooing without a proper license, as well as tattooing people who may be under the influence of alcohol.

Officials said the tattoo artist was tattooing clubgoers in the middle of the bar, which is a violation of both health and liquor codes.

The board recommended that the suspension start Aug. 12. The nightclub would then be allowed to reopen on Sept. 4.

The owner of the club has 10 days to appeal the suspension.