Man receives probation after pleading guilty to several drug charges

Cody Crane will serve five years probation

COLUMBIA, Mo. - A Boone County man will avoid jail.

Cody Crane, 27, pleaded guilty to drug charges in January. He was arrested last year during a raid involving multiple agencies.

ABC 17 News went to his sentencing hearing on Monday where the judge gave him five years probation with special conditions that he not possess or own weapons.

The state proposed Crane serve 34 consecutive years in prison for two counts of possession of a controlled substance and two counts of distribution of a controlled substance.

Investigators raided Crane's marijuana growing operation last year. Prosecutors say they found more than 35 grams of marijuana, mushrooms, handguns, shotguns and an AR-15 assault rifle.

During the hearing, the state presented images to the judge of the items investigators found.

In court, the judge asked Crane what he used the shotgun for, which he replied, "for hunting."

The judge held up a picture of the assault rifle and asked, "How about this one? You hunt with that?  It's got a clip in it. How many bullets does this one hold?"

Crane replied, "Thirty."

"So, you don't go deer hunting with this do you?" the judge said.

Among those other items, investigators also found the drug, "molly." Remember in our special report, we told you about the dangers of "molly," which users claim is the purest form of ecstasy.

Seven thousand dollars in cash was found during the raid. Crane admitted to the judge he acquired it through selling marijuana.

The judge reminded Crane that if he violates his probation in any way, he will face a more severe punishment.

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