Microsoft scam circulating around Mid-Missouri

There is a Microsoft tech support phone scam that is circulating in
mid-Missouri. How does it work?

   - Scammers are using publicly available phone directories and calling
   individuals, telling them they are a security expert from Microsoft and
   they have a virus on their computer.
   - They then give you a few directions to try and get rid of the virus,
   but ask you for remote access to your computer to eliminate the threat.
   - If you give them access, they could potentially download a virus or
   malware onto your computer, steal your personal information or direct you
   to fake websites.

What should you do if you get one of these calls?

   - Hang up the phone. Don't rely on caller ID as scammers have the
   ability to "spoof" phone numbers
   - Don't give control of your computer to a third party unless you know
   who they are
   - Do not purchase any software, services or a fee/subscription based

What should you do if you are a victim?

   - Immediately change your passwords for your computer, financial
   accounts and your email
   - Contact your bank and credit card company so they can flag your
   account for suspicious activity
   - Scan your computer for any malware or viruses
   - Report the scam to BBB and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Contact the mid-Missouri BBB at 573-886-8965 with any questions or to
report a scam.

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