Mid-Missouri residents required to pay more than $100 for Tamiflu

MidMissouri residents required to pay...

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Many residents looking to buy Tamiflu will eventually see that it will cost them more than $100 for liquid or capsule medication.

According to five pharmacy locations in Columbia and Jefferson City, residents can pay up to $370 for the liquid medication. That's the price without insurance.

Mid-Missouri mother Nikki Ever said there are cheaper and more available herbal alternatives.

"Advocate for yourselves. The doctor does not always have the best interest. He may have the best interest, but he doesn't have an open mind to look outside the box," Evers said.

Most pharmacist said 10 capsules are needed for Tamiflu to do its job, and some providers will require their patients to take one a day for 10 days or two a day for five days. 

All locations said they require a prescription with or without insurance. For those with insurance, the cost depends on each individual's deductible. 

Pharmacists said there is a high demand for Tamiflu, including it's generic brand, called oseltamivir with the flu cases on the rise.

Hy-Vee Pharmacy said it cannot tell if there will be enough of the drug but for now, it's available and it is expensive for those that require it. 

Evers said she takes elderberry when necessary, and her symptoms are relieved in an average of four days.

"There are other options that are better than Tamiflu. I mean, if people could think outside of the box versus, 'The doctor prescribed it. Tamiflu is the only way to go,' then I think we would be better off," Evers said.

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