This year mid-Missouri lost a lot of jobs, but it also attracted hundreds of new businesses.

This year brought nearly 300 new businesses to Columbia and almost 400 to Jefferson City.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry says the local economy did better than most other states in the country.

The chamber says the Show Me State is taking a lead in the United States when it comes to business and economic growth. Chamber officials say it's most likely because this is a business-friendly state.

 "We've had good workers' compensation reform. We've cut taxes. We've lowered the cost of doing businesses in the state of Missouri," said Dan Mehan of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Jefferson City resident Richard Burkemper opened a new business just last month that brought five new jobs to the state. He says he wouldn't have opened it anywhere else.

"This opportunity was too good to pass up. It just it fell in my lap and I'm gonna run with it," said Burkemper.

Chamber officials say Missouri's economic future looks bright.

"In 2014 I think you're going to see the same kind of growth. It's pointed in the right direction but we just wish the angle was steeper in productivity, and employment and in the economic activity in general."

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest employer advocacy group in the state.