Missouri Highway Patrol making the Lake of the Ozarks safer

During the summer, Lake of the Ozarks is considered the third largest city in Missouri.

Highway Patrol to increase coverage in Miller County

The Missouri Highway Patrol created new zones for roadways and waterways in an attempt to make the Lake of the Ozarks a safer summer destination.

Sgt. Paul Reinsch with the Patrol hopes with a stronger police presence, it will reduce the amount of fatalities and accidents.

Since 2008, Miller County has averaged 11 traffic fatalities and three waterway fatalities each year.

Camden County comes in third for most fatalities in a city throughout the state of Missouri.

Sgt. Paul Reinsch said, "Unfortunately, a lot of the problems are the people going to have a good time.  Unfortunately, they are drinking and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle or the wheel of a boat."

The Lake of the Ozarks has two full time marine operations officers.

The re-zoning efforts will allow all officers to be trained for roadways and waterways.

So far, thirty officers have been trained for the dual roles.

The Highway Patrol plans to have an additional five officers at the lake this summer.

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