Mizzou's Muslim Student Organization speaks out against travel ban

Mizzou's Muslim Student Organization...

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The University of Missouri has at least 130 international students from two of the countries listed in President Donald Trump's travel ban.

The university sent out a statement Sunday afternoon that offers campus resources to students and faculty members who might be affected by the ban.

Zakaria El-Tayash, president of the Muslim Student Organization at Mizzou, said he and his fellow students feel confused as to why the executive order was issued, but they are happy to see the community come together and show compassion toward the Muslim community.

El-Tayash said he was born in Columbia, but his family is originally from Libya.

El-Tayash said he thinks the ban goes against this country's Constitution and that Trump was very inconsiderate to enact the order.

El-Tayash also said that the executive order doesn't hurt only Muslims, it hurts the whole country. He said that seeing everyone come out to march against the ban on Sunday was a blessing.

El-Tayash said Mizzou has been extremely supportive. He said that he trusts the university to do what is best for its students.

Columbia College has four students who may be affected by the travel ban. The school's president sent out a statement that said the college welcomes all international students, regardless of their nationality or religion, and that its staff is monitoring the situation.

Westminster College has six international students who are from some of the countries listed in the executive order. The college's president has sent out a statement to the students recommending that they, or any faculty members or other students who may be affected, refrain from traveling outside the United States.

The statement also said the college's administration will contact those students affected to hear their concerns.

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