Moberly man in Peace Corps evacuated from Liberia

An outbreak of Ebola in Liberia forces Peace Corps to evacuate a Moberly man

After an outbreak of Ebola, a deadly disease that originated from eating undercooked jungle meat, also known as bat meat, forced a Peace Corps Moberly man back home.

Dane Sosniecki said he was training to become a math and science teacher in Liberia when the Peace Corp evacuated him out of the country due to Ebola.

He said the region he was teaching in was not directly affected by the disease.

Sosniecki also said he was only in Liberia for six weeks before he had to leave.

"When we first got there we talked about what Ebola is and how you can get it.  They said it was extremely difficult to get Ebola," said Sosniecki.

Last Wednesday at school is when they were notified they were being evacuated.

Sosniecki said, "We got there and the students were there and just kind of the first period there was an announcement made that we were leaving."

He said he was sad to hear of the news, but is certain he will be able to go back to Liberia once all the dust settles with the disease.

"You know, I'm hopeful you know, in the next few months that we will be able to go back... I want to go back," said Sosniecki.

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