MoDOT asks drivers to watch for work zones

Spring is the department's busiest time of year

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - 4,400 people have died from work zone-related crashes in the past five years according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Since 2000, 16 Missouri Department of Transpiration workers were killed in the line of duty.

This week, national and state agencies are teaming up to hold National Work Zone Awareness Week.

Now that the weather is nice outside, roadway workers are finally able to tackle some of their much-needed projects. However, that means a lot of work zones will be popping up over the next couple of weeks.

"They'll bee seeing a lot of slow-moving operations because we'll be striping, we'll be mowing, we'll be doing things like that. In addition, some of our construction projects will be starting and we'll have workers out on the highway doing bridge replacements and repairs and things like that," said Sally Oxenhandler of the Missouri Department of Transportation.

MoDOT asks drivers to be watching for signs that indicate roadwork is ahead. If there is, it asks drivers to merge into the proper lane and obey the posted speed limit.

"We just want folks to recognize that we're out there working. We try to stay out of the way as much as we can, but we just ask them to drive carefully and be alert and obey the rules of the roads so that everyone can go home safely," said Oxenhandler.

Jefferson City drivers told ABC 17 News they do drive more carefully when they see road work signs.

"If the worker's working and somebody speeds, they can automatically get hit because they are not paying attention. They're working. I think it's a good opportunity to slow down and pay attention where you're going," said Rodriquez Harris.

MoDOT workers said they take work zones very seriously because they value the lives of their workers. 

"They are very close to moving traffic, so that's a danger onto itself. A lot of times we experience people who are driving too fast for the conditions at hand. Maybe they're not paying attention. They're talking on their phone or they're texting," said Oxenhandler.

Click here to see MoDOT's current work zones.

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